Our Philosophy

We believe in providing care and education in a safe, secure environment, which fosters growth, experimentation, relationships, diversity and respect. Children need to feel safe to open to educators, and feel comfortable to explore their environment.

We believe that families are children’s first educators. We know that each child is unique and has his/her own set of experiences, knowledge and interest, and we always seek to build on each child’s home experience; in doing so, we acknowledge the diverse range of family lifestyles. We have a genuine regard for all our children and their families, and value and accept their diverse backgrounds. Our open-door policy allows and encourages families to visit the Centre anytime they wish. We believe firmly in open communication among children, their families and staff.

We believe young children learn through their play experiences and our programs are responsive to this and are tailored to each child’s needs and level of development. Our Educational Program reflects this and the principal and practices of the National Early Years Learning Framework which guides our educational and care programs.

The EYLF and our Educational Program encompass five outcomes, which, when met, will lead to the child’s successful transfer from preschool to a primary education setting.

We believe in helping children learn about themselves and guiding them in building their relationship with others. We support children learning about diverse cultures, and exploring and enjoying multicultural elements in their lives.

We believe in involving children into the natural environment and teaching them to respect our flora, fauna and diverse natural climates.

We believe in the value of a healthy body and spirit; we focus on educating children to improve their independent skills (self-care), and encouraging good eating habits, and building their physical abilities.

We also highly value the roles of our educators in building genuine relationships with each child as this underpins our programs and enhances learning outcomes. We believe in encouraging children to learn in many ways, and help them to achieve this by employing a variety of teaching approaches/methods. We trust in our educational program and believe that its elements are enriching children’s lives in many ways.

We believe in modelling language and incorporating many different methods of communication into our pedagogical practice.